TFP Barricade colors by BDixonarts

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2 - The High Priestess: Drift

Continuing his journey, the Fool comes upon a beautiful and mysterious veiled lady enthroned between two pillars and illuminated by the moon. She is the opposite of the Magician, quiet where he was loquacious, still where he was in motion, sitting while he stood, shrouded in the night where he was out in the bright of day. Sensing that she is a great seer, the Fool lays out his sword, chalice, staff and pentacle before her. “The Magician showed me these, but now I’m in a quandary. There are so many things I could do with them. I can’t decide.”

The High Priestess doesn’t speak. Instead she hands him a pair of ancient scrolls. Seating himself at her feet, the Fool puts his decision-making on hold and reads by the light of her crescent moon.


A desperate horde of cut-out pieces, laid out and barely sewn together. 

More info here.

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Don’t touch him he’s mine

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Starting to get back in a drawing mode. 8D Krok is a bit dizzy and Spinster is trying to help him walk/stand or something


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deviantArt »

A law enforcement robot mainly patrolling in large cities. They’re highly intelligent so people can go and talk to them about their problems.

The same model is used for the riot police and special forces as well, just with slight modifications and different colors.

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thinking bout your otp more like


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call me when I know what I’m drawing

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I collected all these images of Prowl’s new frame for future reference and thought I might as well share.

I’m overall happy with it. He has his doorwings back, not as big as they used to be but therefor 4-way-fairy-wings, he has wheel-heels, red-blue police lights and a fierce looking bumper-bra.
Also no more missiles/tesla-thingies which is also a big plus.

Still wanna rub my face on it, Loco. You have no idea.

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